Memphis Academy of Barbering considers each applicant on the basis of ability, character recommendation by references, general aptitude, and personal interview.  Many factors such as your desire, motivation, and aptitudes will be considered before you are accepted as a student.  We accept students only if we believe they will succeed.

All applicants considered for admission to our Academy must interview with the Director of the Academy.  For all courses the applicant must have proof of a minimum 10th grade education or its equivalent, State issued identification, and have a social security number or birth certificate.  The student must submit a high school diploma or high school transcript or GED test score or equivalency results (e.g. Tennessee High School Proficiency Exam results) within the first week of class or an extension must be requested and approved by the Director.

Transfer students or students who have completed related courses may receive credit upon review of transcripts by the discretion of the Academy Director.

The programs at Memphis Academy of Barbering require physical dexterity and strength.  Applicants with handicaps should be advised by their physician, and a school official, to determine if he or she would be able to perform the duties of a Barber/Stylist.

All classes are taught in the English language only.


As part of our admissions procedure, you will be asked to make an appointment with an Admissions Representative for a personal interview and tour of the College facilities.  The interview is to evaluate your motivation, determination, and skills to succeed.  You will complete the Pre-enrollment questionnaire and the application for enrollment.  Your enrollment agreement detailing your personalized tuition payment arrangements will be signed and a non-refundable registration fee of $ 150.00 will be collected.

Final acceptance of the applicant is made by the Director of the Academy.  Applicants will be notified of their acceptance, or non-acceptance, in writing, after completed records and forms have been received.