Barbering Course (1500 Clock Hours)

Program: Barbering
Description: This course will train students in all aspects of hair science, styling, and cutting (using all tools available - shears, razor, and clippers) as well as permanent waving, hair coloring, client relations, professionalism, and career and business management.
Objective: To prepare students for a position in the barbering field, performing all hair services normally offered in the profession.
Instructional Method: Lectures, demonstrations, and lab work
Scope of Training:  
1. Health and Safety Equipment and product knowledge
2. Skin diseases and disorders: As related to barbering
3. First Aid As related to barbering
4. Sciences Chemistry, Anatomy, Bacteriology
5. Hair


Principle of cutting and shampooing
Principle of styling; wet, dry, thermal
Facial hair
Artificial Hair
Scalp and hair treatment
6. Business Practice and Salon Management Effective communication and human relations
Compensation Package and payroll deduction
Licensing requirements and regulations
Fundamental of business management
Fifteen hundred (1500) hours of training are required of applicants for a certificate of registration as a master barber with at least one (1) hours of theory class per day.  The hours shall be apportioned as follows:
General Hours (240 Hours) History and fundamentals of barbering
Elementary chemistry relating to sterilization, sanitation, bacteriology, and hygiene
Barber implements
Skin, scalp, and hair
Haircutting, hairstyling, and hair setting
Hairpieces (sales and service)
Chemical theory (permanent weaving, hair coloring, bleaching and straightening)
Manicure and nail care
Anatomy, physiology and systems structure of the head, face and neck, including muscles and nerves
Makeup and skin care
Theory of message and facial treatment
Disorders of the skin, scalp, and hair
Barber law, rules and regulations
Business management and salesmanship
Preparation for seeking employment
Chemical Hours (360 Hours) Permanent waxing
Hair relaxer
Hair coloring, bleaching, and toning
Physical Hours (900 Hours) Shampooing and rinses
Hair care and scalp care
Haircutting (male and female)
Shaving (beards and mustaches)
Facials and makeup

Professor John Doe

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Owner/Director/Provost, an alumnus of Memphis State University (now known as University of Memphis), 13 years administrative experience in the Barber School industry, Licensed Instructor, Licensed Master Barber for 25 years. Read More »