Instructor Training Course (450 Clock Hours)

Program: Barber instructor training


This course will train participant to become a student instructor, practice teaching techniques, develop curriculum, prepare and present classroom demonstrations; and participate in teaching hands-on skills, lecturing, and writing student evaluations.
Objective: To prepare students for a teaching position in the barbering field, assisting students in achieving the professionalism required to pursue their barber career.  As a Barber Instructor, you will be teaching the skills of hair styling, color treatments, permanents, makeup, nail treatments, and barbering to students. You will also be teaching students how to set up and operate a beauty salon or barber shop.
Instructional Method: Lectures, demonstrations, and lab work
Scope of Training:  
1. Teaching and Curriculum Development Principles of Teaching
Teaching Maturity
Personality Conduct
Development of Barber Curriculum
Role of Teacher
2. Teaching Mentorship Communication
Student Assessment
Assisting students in lab
3. Lesson Plan Development Writing Daily Lesson Plans
Four-Step Teaching Plan
4. Lesson Plan Implementation Organizing, Writing, and Presenting Lesson Plans
5. Instructional Materials and Methods Visual and Audio aids and materials
Use and Characteristics of Instructional Aids
6. Instructional Materials and Methods Applications Effective incorporation of instructional aids in lesson plans
Preparation and use of various categories of instructional aids
FOUR hundred FIFTY (450) hours of training AND VALID MASTER BARBER LICENSE are required of applicants for a certificate of registration as a barber INSTRUCTOR with at least one (1) hour of theory class per day.  The hours shall be apportioned as follows:
lesson planning (125 Hours) Course outlining and development
Lesson planning and motivation
Record keeping
General Hours (125 Hours) Book Knowledge
Teaching Techniques
Visual Aid Equipment
Classroom Management
Student Motivation
Product Knowledge
State Laws
Physical Hours (200 Hours) Permanent Waving
Nail Care
Hair Coloring / Lightening
Clinic Floor Management

Marcus O. Hopson


Owner/Director/Provost, an alumnus of Memphis State University (now known as University of Memphis), 13 years administrative experience in the Barber School industry, Licensed Instructor, Licensed Master Barber for 25 years. Read More »