Leave Policy

A leave of absence may be granted to a student due to illness, or serious establish need, this may be done in writing.  A student may only take one leave of absence in a 12-month period and the leave cannot exceed 60 days.  The student may re-enter at the same point of advancement previously attained prior to leave in the next class.  The Veteran's Administration will be notified immediately when a veteran student is granted a leave of absence.

Attendance - Absence Policy

The Tennessee Education Commission's regulations require that a student have a minimum attendance rate of 80% of the total program in order to graduate from the progress.  Students will receive excused absences for the following personal illness, death in the immediate family, required appearance in court, or other reasons considered valid by the School Director.  Unexcused absences exceeding three (3) days per month will cause for interruption of training and possible dismissal.  Class cuts and tardiness is not permitted.  Two class cuts and lateness per month could cause interruption of training.  Students are required to make up all work missed at no additional cost.  Academic work required by veteran student must be satisfactory completed within the enrollment period.

Habitual tardiness or early departure will not be tolerated.  Students exceeding 3 unexcused tardy or early departures in one month will be placed on probation for a period of thirty (30) days.  An unexcused tardy or early departure while on probation will result in termination.

Student Conduct Policy

Students are required to comply with all School Regulations as outline during the orientation session prior to each starting date.  Students are required to act in a manner that will reflect credit on themselves, the academy, and the business or industry for which they are being trained.  Failure to adhere and observe School Regulations and Policy will result in probation or immediate dismissal.

Refund Policy

Registration Fee of $150.00 is Non-Refundable.  Refunds will be made within 90 days of the student's last day of attendance.

Proportion of Total Course or Program Taught by Date of withdrawal:


Less than 10% 90% refund
10% up to but not exceeding 20% 80% refund
20% up to but not exceeding 30% 60% refund
30% up to but not exceeding 40% 20% refund
40% up to but not exceeding 50% 20% refund
More than 50% No refund

Effective immediately students that are on a monthly payment plan: Self-pay or VA benefits, that completes 750 or more hours are required to pay the outstanding tuition balance and fees in full.

Veteran's Refund Policy

In the event that veterans or their eligible dependents fail to enter the course, withdraw, or discontinue at any time prior to completion, the amount charged for tuition, fees, and other charges shall not exceed the approximate prorated portion of the program bears to its total length.  The school will retain $15.00 of the $150.00 registration fee, with the remaining amount subject to prorating.

The amount charged for unused books and supplies that the student purchased from the school is also refundable upon their return to the school in an unused condition.

Cancellation Period

Seven-day cancellation period.  All fees paid by a student will be refunded if the student chooses not to enroll in the school within a seven (7) day period after the date of signing the student agreement contract.  With the exception of the Non-refundable registration fee.

Unused Portion of A Student's Tuition and Fees

If a student, for any reason, does not complete the program of study, any refund due shall be made to the student, based upon the original contracted tuition fee and the number of student hours accumulated.  Should it be determined that the student owes tuition fees to the school for training provided and which the student has not paid, the student agrees to pay any money due to the school.  The Tuition Fee, for the purpose of prorating the hourly cost of training, does not include the Registration Fee or the cost of materials and tools (which are non-refundable, since that has been used).

Policy and Granting Certification of Diploma

Upon satisfactory completion of either Course No. 1, the student will be awarded a "Certificate of Completion" provided he has met the attendance and course requirements, and fulfilled all obligations to the school.